Messages from trusted communities
Trusted communities may send VK users informative messages such as shipment confirmations from internet stores, flight delay warnings from airline companies or deposit and transfer notifications from your bank.

So, here's how it works:

1. You give the company your phone number when, for example, you make an order or fill out a discount card form.

2. If your VK page is connected to that same number, the company can send you messages from their community instead of sending text messages.

VK does not share information about your page. By sending a message to your phone, the company will only know whether it has been delivered, without any information about your profile being revealed. Only if you yourself write the company or respond to it by selecting a command in a bot will information about your page be available to them.

Select "Block messages" in the chat settings if you don't want to receive additional messages.

You can block trusted companies from sending you messages in the privacy settings.